Partner programm

Partner Programm

Akay Industries B.V. is a multi location pump company engaged in the manufacture of a diverse range of international quality pumps.
Akay Industries B.V. has closely understood and succesfully met the pumping requirements of the global industry.

Its constant endeavour to infuse new know-how into its product and continually upgrading our quality has made Akay Industries B.V. a respected partner in the pumping technology.

As a result of its pronounced competitive edge in terms of skilled engineering manpower technological strenghts and infrastructure, Akay Industries B.V. has earned a enviable position of being a internationally acclaimed pump manufacturer and one of the worlds most cost-effective options for global buyers.

In house manufacturing insures that Akay Industries B.V. not need to depend on outside sources, even for the development of our new products.


To enable us,and yourself, to be ready for the future we are constantly looking for new ways and new channels to market.  We would like to challenge you to get in contact with us and discuss the opportunities we might be able to offer you for your region.