Main products description

Our products mainly cover the following standards: API610, ASME/ANSI B73.1M, ISO258 and DIN24255


Our product parameters go up to the following parameters:


The flow capacity is up to 20,000m3/hr, head up to 3500m, rotor speed up to 22700r/min and temperature range from -100 up to 450 degree Celsius.


The biggest impeller diameter is 1m, suction diameter up to 1,2m and suction pressure up to 8 MPa.


Products are widely used in:

Ø       Chemical

Ø       Petrochemical

Ø       Pharmaceutical

Ø       Steel

Ø       Coking

Ø       Coal

Ø       Environmental protection

Ø       Starch

Ø       Automobile

Ø       Non-ferrous metal

Ø       Power

Ø       Nuclear industry

Ø       Sewage disposal

Ø       Paper making

Ø       Water works and other industries.


The products research and exploiting fully use:

Ø       Computer Aided Design system

Ø       Computer-Aided Process Design software

Ø       PUMP-CAD hydraulic design software

Ø       CFD simulation software

Ø       ANSYS finite element analysis software

Ø       UG 3D design software 


All in accordance with our Quality Certification System ISO 9001:2008