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assets/petro-chemical_pumps/_resampled/SetWidth200-MDP-FLO.jpg APIFLO MDP pump
Pressure: up to 4.0 Mpa
Structure: OH1, OH2
Temperature: -80 up to +350 Celsius
Flow: 2 up to 350 m3/hr
Head: up to 190 m
Standard: API685




Refinery, petrochemical, environmental protection project, pharmacy, biological project, and printing.


According to API685, the horizontal, the pump is horizontal, single stage, single suction, radial split pump. 100% non-leakage, for handing flammable, strongly corrosion and toxic liquid; compression assemble magnetic design��patent No: ZL98242562.7. 

It is widely applicable for internal flushing, external flushing, cooling, filtrate, pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring, leakage monitoring.